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Career Information
Internet Resources

Undergraduate Opportunities and Careers in Andrology

American Society for Cell Biology, Career Development Page Link to publications on:

  • Career Advice for Life Scientists
  • Life Sciences Research and Teaching: Strategies for the Successful Job Hunt
  • How to Get a Research Job in Academia and Industry

Chronicle Careers: The Chronicle of Higher Education

Council on Undergraduate Research Visit publications link for informative books on:

  • How to Get a Tenure-Track Position at a Predominantly Undergraduate Institution
  • How to Mentor Undergraduate Student Researchers
  • How to Get Started in Research

The Endocrine Society

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Lab Management Site: Resources for the Development of Early-Career Scientists

- Excellent resource for postdoc searching, finding a faculty position, and managing own laboratory.

NIH Office of Training and Education, Link to the Virtual Career Center for a wealth of resources on job hunting and career advice.


Career Basics: Advice and Resources for Scientists from Science Careers.

ASCB Books on Career Advice and the Job Hunt:

Barker, K. At the Helm: A Laboratory Navigator. Cold Spring Harbor, NY: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2002.
Barker, K. At the Bench: A Laboratory Navigator. Cold Spring Harbor, NY: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2002.
These two books are good resources on starting a new lab and surviving as a P.I.

Cohen, C.M., and Cohen, S.L. Lab Dynamics: Management Skills for Scientists. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2005.

Daniel, E. Every Other Thursday: Stories and Strategies from Successful Women Scientists. Yale University Press, 2006.

Dee, P. Building a Successful Career in Scientific Research: A Guide for Ph.D. Students and Postdocs. Cambridge University Press, 2006.

Fricker, L.D. How to Write a Really Bad Grant Application (and Other Helpful Advice for Scientists). Authorhouse, 2004.

Friedland, A.J., Folt, C.L. Writing Successful Science Proposals. Yale University Press, 2000.

Gerin, W. Writing the NIH Grant Proposal: A Step-by-Step Guide. Sage Publications, 2006.

National Academy of Sciences. Careers in Science and Engineering. Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press, 1996.

Reif-Lehrer, L. Grant Application Writers Handbook, 4 th ed. Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2004.

Robbins-Roth, C. Alternative Careers in Science. San Diego, CA: Academic Press, 1998.

Yang, O.O. Guide to Effective Grant Writing: How to Write a Successful NIH Grant Application. Springer, 2005.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Home Page:

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA):!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_1OB?navtype=AU&navid=RESEARCHERS

Training Opportunities
NIH Office of Training and Education:
NIH fellowships for foreign citizens, and Division of International Services

The NIH Visiting Fellows Committee:
Tech Transfer internships (from developing countries):

Trainee and Postdoc Advocacy
International Network for Young Researchers in Male Fertility (INYRMF)
*Network to improve interactions between young researchers from all over the world.
*Free membership for all doctoral students, postdocs and MD's.

American Society for Cell Biology, Postdoc Page

The National Postdoc Association:

Society for the Study of Reproduction: Trainee Page

Fellowship Programs in the US and Europe
Austria   IMP Fellowship Programme:
UK   Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship:
UK   Cambridge St. John's College Research Fellowships:
US   Harvard Junior Fellowship:
US   Carnegie Institution Staff Associate Program:
US   Whitehead Fellows Program:
US   Bauer Fellows Program at Harvard:
US   Rowland Junior Fellows Program at Harvard:
US   Lewis-Sigler Fellows at Princeton:
US   Sara and Frank McKnight Fellowships in Biomedical Research at UT Southwestern Medical Center:
US   CalTech Broad Fellows Program in Brain Circuitry:
US   Janelia Farm Fellows:

ASA Trainee Award Winners

ASA Trainee Travel Awards