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Creating a Legacy

The American Society of Andrology (ASA) is a professional society whose mission is to advance discovery and education in andrology, the study of male reproductive health. To maintain the health of our Society long into the future, it is essential to build a robust Endowment portfolio that supports this mission.

How are Endowment and Asset Funds Managed?

ASA is an Organizational Partner of the Cleveland Foundation, the oldest community foundation in the USA. The Foundation holds and manages our fund investments for greater return on investment and fiscally prudent growth. Each year, a percentage of funds is available for the needs of ASA. Assets are reinvested to protect against inflation and to meet the future needs of the organization.

How Can I Help the American Society of Andrology?

GIVING NOW... Gifts of Cash or Appreciated Assets … These gifts are simple and immediately impactful and may be directed to any of ASA’s permanent endowment funds. A gift of $50,000 and above provides the donor with an opportunity to create and name a fund and determine how its income will benefit ASA and its members.

GIVING IN THE FUTURE... represents an opportunity to establish an enduring legacy within ASA’s permanent endowments, in many cases without impacting today’s life style.

What Long Term Gift Vehicles are Available?

ASA’s partnership with the Cleveland Foundation offers donors a variety of giving vehicles to meet their philanthropic goals. Cleveland Foundation staff will work with you, ASA and your professional advisors to find a vehicle based on your unique needs and circumstances and create sample illustrations.

Bequests: A bequest to ASA in one’s will or trust is the easiest ways to provide a future gift that benefits your special interest. Our advisors will work with your legal professional on specific bequest language.

Charitable Gift Annuities: A charitable gift annuity is an irrevocable gift that returns an income stream to the donor or another beneficiary over their lifetime. The donor qualifies for an income tax charitable deduction for part of the gift, while the payments to the beneficiary may receive favorable tax treatment. At the end of the gift term, the remainder of the annuity would support a specific ASA Endowment Fund to help substantially meet ASA’s future needs.

Life Insurance Policies: Life insurance policies can be an excellent tool to support the ASA with many different ways to structure such a gift.

Trusts: Charitable Remainder Trusts allow donors to create an income stream for themselves or other beneficiaries for a term of years, with the remainder of the trust corpus creating a gift to ASA and are flexible enough to permit the use of a variety of assets. As the opposite of a Charitable Remainder Trust, a Charitable Lead Trust provides payments to ASA and remaining assets would be transferred to other individuals or even back to the donor at a future date.

Cleveland Foundation.Your Legacy Gift can impact ASA for generations to come.

Visit to learn more about us. For more information about these or other gifting vehicles, please contact ASA’s Advancement Consultant Larry Becker at (330) 696-6709 or The Cleveland Foundation Advancement Team at (877) 554-5054, referencing the American Society of Andrology.