American Society of Andrology.

Thomas S.K. Chang Merit Award

Supported by the ASA Chang/Russell Education and Trainee Experience Endowment Fund (CREATE).


Originally established in 1996 in memory of Dr. Thomas S.K. Chang this merit award is now funded by the ASA Chang/Russell Education and Trainee Experience Endowment Fund (CREATE).

This award is conferred upon anyone qualified to be a Trainee Member of the Society who, in the judgment of the Awards Committee, has presented at the Annual Meeting the best original laboratory or clinical research report in andrology. This award is to be presented at the Annual Meeting in years when an appropriate individual is identified. The Awards Committee revised this merit award in May 2016.

Award Recipients
  • 2017 Nima Pourhabibi Zarandi
  • 2016 Manjunatha Nanjappa
  • 2015 Shu Ly Lim, PhD
  • 2014 Keith Siklenka
  • 2013 Shaye Lewis
  • 2012 Matthew Marcello
  • 2011 Katya Rubinow
  • 2010 Michael Elliott
  • 2009 Avenel Joseph
  • 2008 Matthew Marcello
  • 2007 Shannon Whirledge
  • 2006 Alexis Codrington
  • 2005 Ekaterina Zubkova
  • 2004 Darius Paduch
  • 2003 Carin Hopps, Mustafa Usta
  • 2001 Yuris Erenpreiss, Michaela Luconi
  • 2000 Sero Andonian, Trinity J. Bivalacqua, Donna O'Dell Bunch, María Belén Herrero, Phuong N. Huynh, Stephane Lefrancois, Jeffrey J. Lysiak, Amy L. Way
  • 1999 Trinity J. Bivalacqua, Kam Chan, Dave L. Luttinen, Dolores Mruk, Anjali Redkar, Yuming Si
  • 1998 Sandra Esteves, Rachel Moreland, Dolores Mruk, Brett Nixon, Budhan Pukazhenthi
  • 1997 Francesca Griffin, Michaela Luconi, Dolores Mruk