Symposium Agenda

Tuesday, April 20, 2021
egins at 7:00pm CST

Symposium IV: Emotional Health and Male Infertility
8:00pm – 9:30pm CST
Jennifer R. Hughes, PhD – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Maxwell Edmonds, PhD – Northwestern Medicine Feinberg School of Medicine


8:00pm 8:05pm CST
Speaker: Michael Palladino – Bloomfield College

A 200 Pound Weight: Emotions and Men’s Experience of Infertility
8:05pm – 8:20pm CST
Speaker: Ann V. Bell, PhD – University of Delaware

  • The notion that men and women are different serves to shape men’s experiences of infertility and its current understanding. 
  • Infertility has both physical and emotional implications for men as it does for women.  
  • In coping with the physical and emotional manifestations of infertility, men further silence their experience and perpetuate gender difference.  

Unpackaging Men’s Mental Health
8:20pm – 8:35pm CST
Speaker: John Oliffe, PhD, RN – University of British Columbia

Upstream Determinants, Self-Care, and Infertility: Possible Links
8:35pm – 8:50pm CST
Speaker: Michael Rovito, PhD, CHES, FMHI – University of Central Florida

  • Normative contentment that men/boys are supposed to live sicker and die younger contributes to a general unwillingness for males to open up about potential health concerns, especially urogenital issues.
  • Creating an environment for a male to feel comfortable divulging information can greatly assist in ‘breaking through’ and foster productive, meaningful dialogue between you and your patient/participant/pupil
  • We can equip males with transferrable skills and impart knowledge of practical applications of health maintenance in order to help promote optimal well-being

Live Q&A
8:50pm – 9:30pm CST
Panelist: Barbara Collura – Resolve


Dr. Ann V. Bell

Dr. John Oliffe

Dr. Michael Rovito

Barbara Colura

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