Types of Membership

All ASA memberships will receive FREE online access to the journal Andrology and are invited to attend the annual meeting of the Society at a member’s discount.


  • Active Member: Any professionally qualified physician, veterinarian, scientist, or laboratory technician with an interest in and evidence of scientific contributions to the field of Andrology.
    From $265 annual dues fee for one year or $750 annual dues fee for three years.
  • Associate Member: Any professional beyond the trainee stage with a non-doctoral degree with an interest in and evidence of contributions in the field of andrology shall be eligible for membership in the Society.
    From $165 annual dues fee.
  • Trainee Member: A person in training interested in the progress and development of Andrology (graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, medical and veterinary students, medical residents, and fellows).
    From $60 annual dues fee.
  • Life Member: Available to any active member who makes a single payment equivalent to twenty years of membership dues to the Society.
    From $5,300 single dues fee.
  • Emeritus Member: Awarded by the Membership Committee to members who have retired and are worthy of the designation of Emeritus. Emeritus members do not pay dues but they receive an online subscription to Andrology, other Society mailings, and their Annual Meeting registrations are discounted. Requests for Emeritus membership must be accompanied by a copy of the applicant’s CV (an abridged version is adequate) and two letters of support from active ASA members. Please contact: info@andrologysociety.org to submit a request.
  • Membership consists of Active, Life, Trainee and Emeritus Members as these classes are defined by the ByLaws.
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