Past Meeting Information

Meeting Year Site Title Chair(s)
1 1972 Washington Hormone Binding and Target Cell Activation in the Testis M. Lipsett
2 1975 North Carolina Hormonal Regulation of Spermatogenesis F. French, V. Hansen, M. Ritzen, S. Nayfeh
3 1976 Pittsburgh The Testis in Normal and Infertile Men P. Troen,  H. Nankin
4 1977 Toronto NIH Testis Workshop I. Fritz
5 1978 Oslo Endocrine Approaches to Male Contraception V. Hansen, M. Ritzen
6 1979 Houston Testicular Development: Structure and Function A. Steinberger, E. Steinberger
7 1981 New York The Cell Biology of the Testis W. Bardin, R. Sherins
8 1983 Bethesda Hormone Action and Testicular Function K. Catt, M. Dufau, R. Sherins
9 1986 Nashville Cell Biology of the Testis and Epididymis M.-C. Orgebin-Crist, B. Danzo
10 1988 Baltimore Regulation of Testicular Function: Signaling Molecules and Cell-Cell Communication L. L. Ewing, B. Robaire
11 1991 Montreal The Male Germ Cell: Spermatogonium to Fertilization B. Robaire
12 1993 Tampa Function of Somatic Cells in the Testis A. Bartke
13 1995 Raleigh Cellular and Molecular Regulation of Testicular Cells C. Desjardins
14 1997 Baltimore Germ Cell development, Division, Disruption and Death B. R. Zirkin
15 1999 Louisville The Testis: from Stem Cell to Sperm Function E. Goldberg
16 2001 Newport Beach Regulatory mechanisms of testicular cell differentiation N. B. Hecht
17 2003 Phoenix Functional Genomics of Male Reproduction M. A. Handel
18 2005 Seattle Testicular Cell Dynamics and Endocrine Signaling M. P. Hardy
19 2007 Tampa Chromosome structure and gene expression M. Griswold
20 2009 Philadelphia Testicular Function: Levels of Regulation E. M. Eddy
21 2011 Montreal Testicular Determinants of Reproductive Success J. McCarrey
22 2013 San Antonio The foundations of male fertility W. W. Wright
23 2015 Salt Lake City Healthy sperm-healthy children J. M. Trasler
24 2017 Miami From testis differentiation to sperm production L. Heckert
25 2019 Chicago Lifelong Cell-Cell Interactions in the Testis: A Driver for Male Fertility V. Papadopoulos
26 2022 La Jolla New horizons in testis biology and men’s health W. Yan
27 2024 Denver Celebrating Inspiring and Inspired Testis Biology K. Loveland