ASA 2023 Annual Meeting

ASA 2023 Annual Meeting

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ASA Member $495 $570
ASA Non-Member $695 $795
ASA Trainee Member $150 $175
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ASA Emeritus Members $100 $100

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Mentoring Luncheon $50
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Women in Andrology Luncheon $50
Women in Andrology Luncheon – Trainee $30
Annual Banquet $100
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The Westin Boston Seaport District
425 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210, US

2023 ASA 48th Annual Conference Program Highlights

The 21st Century Male: Promises and Progress in Reproduction
The conference highlights the state of research and breakthroughs in all aspects of andrology in basic sciences, translational and clinical disciplines, through talks by prominent andrologists, early career investigators and trainees. It comprises seven symposia and six lectures, short oral and poster presentations, educational and fun activities packed in four days in the great city of Boston.

Symposium I: Post-testicular Influences on reproductive health and male Fertility 
Drs. Manisha Tripathi, Larisa Nonn and Brett Nixon will share advances in BPH research, health disparities in prostate cancer and epididymis contributions to sperm epigenome.

Symposium II: Role of cellular networks in testicular functions
Drs. William Walker, Kassim Traore and Aurora Ruiz-Herrera will present their findings on the hormonal regulation of Sertoli cells, chemical-induced mitochondrial dysfunction in Leydig cells, and chromatin remodeling in germ cells.  

Symposium III: Male Fertility Problems – Is the Environment at Fault? 
Drs. Richard Pilsner, Mirella Meyer-Ficca and Peter Liu will share their findings on the impact of endocrine disruptors, diet, aging, sleep disruption and stress on sperm methylome, spermatogenesis and male reproductive health.

Symposium IV: Male sexual dysfunction: from developmental to adult disorders
Drs. Shanlee Davis, Francis Poulat, Alexander Pastuszak and Gianpiero Palermo will report novel findings on Klinefelter syndrome, models of testis development, Peyronie’s disease and ethical concerns about sperm genome editing.   

Symposium V: Immunology and infectious diseases of the male reproductive system
Drs. Margaret Petroff, Sarah Robertson and Jorge Hallak will take us through novel findings on the immune system and male infertility, the impact of seminal fluid on female immune adaptation and the impact of SARS-CoV-2 on male reproductive health.

Symposium VI: New Models of the 21st century to address andrology gaps
Drs. Daniel Spade, Ina Dobrinski and Budhan Pukazhenthi will describe novel mammalian models to study reproductive toxicology, non-rodent models to study germline stem cell and exosomal exchanges, and wildfile and domesticated mammalian reproductive models.

Symposium on Advances in non-cis reproduction: New Family Dynamics
Drs. Jennifer Siegel and Magnus Dias-de-Silva will explore the clinical perspectives on reproductive options and the possibility of future genetic offspring for transitioning patients.

  • The meeting will be preceded by three workshops, the Andrology Laboratory Workshop, the Basic Science and Clinical workshop, on Wednesday and Thursday April 19 and 20.

Named Lectures:

Amelar Lecture       
“The Aging Male: Outcomes of Testosterone Trials”

Shalender Bhasin, MD, Brigham Women’s Hospital, MA, USA

Diversity Lecture 
“Post Roe vs Wade landscapes in Andrology and Access to Reproductive Healthcare: What It Means to Patients, Clinical Practices, and Research”

Stephanie Page, MD, PhD & John Amory, MD, MPH, MSc, University of Washington Seattle, USA

Women in Andrology Lecture 
“Immunoprotective Sertoli Cells in Transplantation”

Jannette Dufour, PhD, Texas Tech University, TX, USA

International Lecture 
“Omics and Male Fertility”

Stefan Du Plessis, PhD, MRBU, Dubai

AUA Lecture 
Title and Speaker: TBD


Emil Steinberger Memorial Lecture
“Andrology in the 21st Century: Androgens, Spermatogenesis and Male Contraception”

Christina Wang, MD
The Lundquist Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center