The American Society of Andrology is sad to announce the passing of Dr. Bayard T. Storey. Dr. Storey was the society’s Distinguished Andrologist for the year 2000 and was known for his scientific contributions in the areas of sperm energy metabolism, mechanisms and consequences of sperm lipid peroxidation, sperm cryopreservation, and the activation of the acrosome reaction. A formal account of Bayard’s vast contributions will appear in a memorial in our journal, Andrology. However, we would like to share with you a personal memorial to Bayard written by a dear friend and fellow ASA member, Terry T. Turner:

Bayard Storey, what a story! What a hundred stories, what a thousand. So often the good and the great do not come in the same person, but, in Bayard Storey, they did. In good, not goody-two-shoes good, but good in kindness, in courtesy, and in intention toward others. Great, maybe not as in wide public-acclaim great, but great in contribution to our field, great in his knowledge, and great in his mentoring, especially when it came to encouraging the young, the stumbling, and even the uninformed. His influence is spread broadly across andrology because his former students and fellows have taken his training to careers in clinical medicine and in the basic sciences, not only in andrology, but in the reproductive sciences and medicine, writ large. Bayard’s scientific knowledge was rooted in the 1950s, sprigged in the 60’s and ’70s, spread in the ’80s and ’90’s, and silvered in the 2000s. He was a great discussant and a great questioner always with the intent of learning more, not just to be picky, but to understand nature’s mystery.

And now to the wine. Yes, as you may have heard, if you were a friend of Bayard Storey’s, you were in for a good time. There would be good wine, good food, good conversation, and a condensation of good friends. Life and literature inform us that the loss of any person is a loss to all, but when the great and good depart it leaves a special scar, an absence always remembered, always regretted. If you knew Bayard, you know what I am saying; if you did not, you missed something special.

For those interested in making a memorial donation in Bayard Storey’s honor, the ASA recommends contributions to the Women in Andrology Endowment Fund (for WIA lectureship) or the CREATE Endowment Fund (for trainee awards), as Bayard was a passionate supporter of both of these groups.

With great sadness,

Susan Rothamnn, PhD
American Society of Andrology